Where are Alegría Bikes made?
Our bikes are made in Madrid (Spain) and we source most of our components in the region to keep our manufacturing carbon footprint as low as possible.

How can I buy one?
You will be able to buy one via our online store on our website. We hope to have regional distributors soon too.

How much weight can a bike carry?
Our bikes' chassis are designed and built to carry an 80-kilo (176 pounds) cargo plus the weight of a rider -estimated at 70-80kg (154-176 pounds). Owners of bikes must bear this in mind, and always check tire pressure and brakes.

Where can I ride my Alegría cargo bike?
That depends on the city or specific area, but we suggest you consider your bike just another vehicle on the road. You must of course be extra careful and avoid sudden or unexpected movements or actions, respect traffic regulations and try to make yourself visible and predictable to other vehicles at all times(*).
(*) General mandatory rule when riding in Spain.

What kind of maintenance does my cargo bike need?
Like any other bike, it needs a tune up every once in a while. If you use your bike everyday, we suggest you check the general condition of the chassis and the fork once a month. You should also check that all screws and nuts are properly tightened. Once per month you should also see that brakes and wheels are working properly, that the spokes are tight and look for any signs of tear or wear in the tyres. If necessary, you should also lubricate the chain.

Why is the chassis made of steel?
Steel offers a good resistance/weight ratio for a cargo bike and is very resistant to fatigue from constant use. It also provides the elasticity that the chassis needs to prevent breaking from the vibrations and pressure exerted by the cargo, making the ride more comfortable as well.

Why is the gear shift internal and not external?
Internal gear shifts are very efficient. One of the most important benefits is that the sealed oil bath lubrication system increases durability and reduces friction in the hub. It is protected from dust, humidity and mud, and needs no lubrication, so zero maintenance. It also allows smooth gear shifting without pedaling, even at standstill. This makes it easier to get the bike moving at a stoplight or crossing.