Alegría Bikes brings a new spirit to the world of cargo bicycles. We see bikes more as a means of transport than merely a sport. We have developed an urban bike which can get people, animals and things from one place to another in a more efficient and environmentally-friendly way. We are still a small team, but we are very passionate about our contribution to a more responsible and enjoyable world. We would love you to join us, to help us develop our vision further.



Our bicycles are the result of hard work. We have spent long hours working with skilled craftsmen to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality. And we are sure we have produced a bike that has the best possible qualities.

Every detail has been subjected to scrutiny and has been carefully designed, always bearing in mind that though they are cargo bikes they also represent a particular lifestyle. Apart from functional, we always wanted them to be elegant and comfortable as well.



We believe in bringing together artisanal work and a green conscience. We believe in better and cleaner cities, where people use alternative means of transport that do not need fossil fuels. We believe in making the transport of small cargo more fun, by bike. Our cargo bikes are adapted to our cities and our climate. We have been very strict when choosing the components we use in the making of our bikes, always preferring manufacturers and providers close to where we live. This is a quality Mediterranean bike.

This Mediterranean way of life informs all we do. For us, it's not only about the way we eat or how we socialize. It’s a full lifestyle experience. It's about how we interact with what's around us, with our culture or own bodies and with people.

Simplicity and practicality.